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Hello there

Posted on 2010.05.08 at 07:34
I've been struggling and fighting so long I think I gave up a little this year. 

Currently dying my hair red and then going home to go to this wedding thing. I must buy a shiny new outfit. And by shiny I mean indian and covered in sequins :D

Hopefully, I'll be able to revise for this exam there. I need a change. I need a change of skin.

Other news: On Humira for like a year. They think I have something wrong with my thyroid. I've put on like all the weight I lost when I was a gym bunny in remission. 


Posted on 2009.01.26 at 00:24
Where I'm at: On top of the world
I am, I feel: coldcold
I hear: none

 I had an epiphany. I think a lot. I apply theory and frameworks of many things to everything. I ask lots of questions and I am creative. I love photography. Taking pics of the skies and clouds and sunsets.... Coolness!

I think I've decide that I want to be a trend forecaster. I think that is my niche; what I have been searching for. I always thought that I buy things and they end up being trendy in like a season or two. But I dont know if I quite want to be a designer. It might be fun but I'm on a different path now. 

I am from down south. I am going to a school up north. No amount of intercultural training, reading and studying the works or Gerte Hoffstede or Edward Hall can prepare for the experience of cultural differences. I learned more from that than I have from any class I have ever taken. I have thus decided that I should go on an ISEP exchange and study abroad. It's a great opportunity to broaden my mind even further. I like challenging myself, I get bored otherwise. 

Trend forecasting is like anthropology and keeping your eyes open as to what's happening all around you. My mind remembers random things. I think that it would be a great use of my overactive brain.

She left without saying goodbye

Posted on 2008.10.18 at 00:52
Where I'm at: Flat 48 room A
I am, I feel: optimisticoptimistic
I hear: Andain: Beautiful Things
I live in Preston now. I am fine, getting on with it, y'know? I just am, but everyone else feels it, they feel the fact that they are miles from home and they can't see their families as often. It's a total change.

I don't feel like that. I moved, I didn't die. They are all still there if I wanna make the 5 hour car journey to go see 'em. I held Lotte as she sobbed before I left. She slept over and we went to Haynes the next day. She is coming up to stay for a few days in November, can't wait!

My week; I really should write this shit down, me'thinks.

Monday: Felt like crap. Thought sod it, took the antibiotics that gave me a rash last time and made me feel blah cause I didn't think it was possible to feel more blah. Took some inositol too. Slept, felt better and then met up with Sian and went to town.

Tuesday: Went to Liverpool. Class trip for Fashion and Brand Promo; collected a load of promo stuff, shopped loads and got soaked in the rain. Good times; Not! 15 minute walk home in the rain sucked. Wasn't really up to it or into it.

Wednesday: Woke up at 9, went back to bed tho and didn't surface again until 12. Was randomly checking Facebook and Rehearsals for drama society were decided in my absence as for 1. I was like what?!? Had to get dressed and get down there sharpish. I am a Priest in the Drama Society's production of Messiah. Stayed up 'til 4a.m doing coursework. Fun!

Thursday: Woke at 10, ready for class at 11. Exercise and Fitness practical session. Topic; Warm up, Static stretching is pointless apparently. Came back and printed off that assignment, made myself an MRP shake, dropped off my work. Got soaked, the rain never stops up here, came back and changed. Second rehearsal at 3. Came back and cooked pasta. 

Friday: Set my alarm for 8, crawled out of bed and 9.15. Recorded Physiology lecture coz brain went bye byes. He mentioned choline. I have some of that stuff so I had a chat afters. Gonna cover more stuff along those lines later and in semester two. Whoo hoo! Apparently inositol and choline are brill for me with the mtx. Good to know I'm on the right lines. Went to Asda on the bus, bought so much stuff I had to get a cab back. It cost f@*%ing £8! Ain't doing that again!

Basically, been here just over a month, pulling myself together right now. Let's see how it goes.

spank me

Long time..

Posted on 2008.09.28 at 23:32
Where I'm at: Trinity Student halls
I am, I feel: workingworking
I hear: None
I have fresher's flu, so I'll be brief; I am alive, sorta, and I am at UCLAN!

I have no idea if everyone left for Insanejourna of if I should go twitter or something instead. I was thinking of starting one as an online portfolio for all the random quirky and brilliant stuff that is relevant for my course. I am too noncommittal to keep a hard copy portfolio, it seems to permanent, but I have to anyway.

I iz back init, update tomorrow or something.


Rain on me

Posted on 2008.05.26 at 12:27
Where I'm at: Bed
I am, I feel: productiveproductive
I hear: Whatevevr's on the music channels
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Supposed to be the carnival today, but its raining so I'm guessing its cancelled. Spending today wrapping a few projects up and then gonna spend a day revising each of the topics for Fridays exam. That's my week gone.

Tonight's the last group meet. We're going for dinner at Zar Zars and Wednesday's the Rubix cube party, Friday's Pirate Bay, or something. Free bbq and its drink the bar dry. I feel tired just writing it all.

Still going through the after effects of meds, feeling a little better but still crappy. And I think I found an internship over summer. Gonna rock if it works out. £250 pw! VBG


Right here, right now.

Posted on 2008.05.21 at 17:52
Where I'm at: Uni, Costa Coffee
I am, I feel: workingworking
I hear: Weird, loud, nasal voiced girl who won't shut up.
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You can see how you have been controlled in excess before now. You are seeking to be free of fear and hate, of oppression and suppression. You have a stronger urge for freedom of thought and action.

How the feck did my scope know that?

I had a hospital appointment today, the dermatologist wants to do another liver biopsy, is there any more left to take? They want to do patch tests, which I already had done at St Thomas' a few years ago and they re not changing my freaking meds! I hate her, I want Dr Swain back. She was nice and less dense. This of course means I can't leave the freaking country. I so just want to go see other places.

Feeling ind blah right now because I just had an exam. Cultural studies, bleh! I can see how it's useful but god it was boring! But then I'm a polychronic person wo likes to do lots of things at once, focusing on an exam is tres tedious.

I should now be preparing for my presentation tomorrow. I chose Animal Testing as my subject. God I have no attention span, skipping between this and Facebook. I'm bad... Flame was awesome, a night out usually is when you come home at dawn, but the floor was sticky and the only reason we left was because our hotness blew the electricity for the entire surrounding area. Gotta go, Love, Chaz

head desk

blah blahdey blah

Posted on 2008.05.15 at 17:18
Where I'm at: Armchair in living room
I am, I feel: busybusy
I hear: Eastenders OD
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I have toothache. It sucks major donkey gonads.

It was my job to put up the posters for the LGBT Pink Party in the Business Building yesterday. I took a cab to the Halfway House after, to work on my assignment and left a few of them in the cab. Thing is the cabbie was muslim! Arggghhh!!!! Feeling really face/palm about that. Its tomorrow! Gotta wear pink tho... Blah.

Lotte's Paul is gay. He apparently had a tryst with someone who is out. What happened was that he said he wasn't ready for a relationship, then he goes off with a woman who breaks it off with the father of her child for him, then word is he's gay.... I think he wanted her to chase him, but she's grown up a bit after the Jonathan debacle. I think I'm actually proud of the little blondy. I haven't even covered his ex, Wayne or Kevin yet... She definitely dodged a bullet.

Monday - is the last E-Business seminar, Law lectures are over now.
Tuesday - Law Seminar that needs preparing for.
Wednesday - i have an exam for Communications Across Cultures.
Thursday - I have a presentation.
Friday - I have an essay due

29th is Law and 5th of June is E Business. AAAARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I haven't even had a chance to watch Hollyoaks since baby Charlie's custody battle.

Today I went too class and have been trying my contacts for a venue for the film night. Bloody Michael. He's from Manchester, he's gay, and for the University Challenge he wore a pink sweater and black cowboy hat. OMG it was all I could do not too laugh. Bless him. He's really getting involved in everything but he doesn't really have any imagination. We got cheesy music and pink for the party, but the subversive group that we are, we wanted black and metal/house.

So if you're wondering where I am then now you know! I also found facebook. Not addicted yet but it helps to keep in contact and with what's going on. Soooooo tired. Yawn.

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Posted on 2008.05.01 at 14:57

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Posted on 2008.04.21 at 12:03
Where I'm at: living room
I am, I feel: workingworking
I hear: +44 on Kerrang
I'm tired, bored and impatient.

Coursework hell week is over, I just have one piece due this Thurs and it's over with. Weirdly, considering my major, I enjoyed law and hated e-business. *Yawn* I skipped the seminar today because I can't be arsed. Thinking about Lancaster, waiing for them to get back to me. Realgap are retards and I'm seriously reconsidering the merits of going with them. I sent them an email. They have my address and then they call me to ask me to phone them back and give them the address!

What else?... Dad took his card back, the one which we put money in so that he doesn't overdraw. This time if he gives it back in arrears we're going our separate ways. The bank of Chaz is officially closed! And he's been promising Kirin the earth to get her onside. As with most things, he's all mouth and no trousers. She'll find out a lot of stuff like that the hard way. She doesn't listen and screams at you for offering her advice.

Chaz <-- Gotta get going, law lecture at 2.

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Rainbow Twanger

Posted on 2008.04.21 at 00:42

Re: The general assumption that us Brits are dirtier minded than the americans. We grew up watching this...

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