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23 February 1985
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I've been on a voyage of self discovery. Now I know in my terms why we exist, so I'm gonna!

Love music, not picky about the type so long as it doesn't suck. And I am medicated, like heavily, so you'll often encounter the sketchy, dazed version of me. As opposed to the hyper, crazy, club freak version.

I am me; the only person that I can be. The truth set me free and I've only just begun to explore that.

I value truth, freedom and human rights. I respect originality, conviction, honesty and shiny things. I'm a magpie. I believe there is a God above, I'm Bi, and I contradict myself so much I get confuzzled.

Among my afflictions are lust, vanity, sloth, drama, indecision, addiction, lack of attention span and procrastination.

I think most people are crazy because they don't talk about shit, so I talk about everything; there's nothing to hide, it's all been done before. Yes, I have had therapy, lot's of therapy. Thing is, it didn't work until I realized this. I'm drawing a line under the past and moving forward to my future.

I want to save the world! Yeah, I know, a bit of an unfathomably big field of problems there. But through extending myself out there and seeing what's going on in the social enterprise world, I feel I can finally verbalize what I mean. I'm aiming big because I think limits are restrictive. If I don't get there I will at least of made a dent. I am embracing capitalism, I don't think singing around a camp fire is going to cut it, and the knowledge I glean and contacts I make should all come in handy for me to aid good causes. And If I have my own idea, I'll be able to act on it with a surety and support network already in place.

I don't feel real so I kinda fake it, hopefully one day I'll make it.

Chaz o-x-o

BTW, The banner was made by me. The words used are lyrics from the song Washing and Wonderin by Stroke 9.

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